Other Services

Insolvency & Reconstruction Finance

Is your business suffering from a lack of working capital?

Getting more and more difficult to meet payments to creditors?

debtors taking longer and longer to pay invoices, affecting your cash flow?

Tax debts, superannuation payments overdue?

Property & Financial Solutions has a network of professional advisors specialising in providing financial and insolvency advice, business reconstruction, legal and accounting advice to help you manage the difficulties of insolvency and restructuring.

Funding sources may also be available to assist with the restructure of the business.  Capital refinancing or debtor finance solutions may be available to improve cash flow and reduce debt, helping return the business to financial health.

Talk to your PFS broker today to find out what funding options may be available to you and to discuss referral to our professional network partners for their appropriate advice.

Construction Management

Many smaller developers and building contractors embarking on new projects find that they have insufficient time to manage the construction and the administration of the project, particularly "back office" functions.

The "hands on" aspect of development is critical to ensure quality control, work efficiency and maintaining construction scheduling, all of which relies upon the experience and expertise of the principals. 

PFS can assist by managing the administrative functions of the project, working closely with the financiers and consultants and allowing the principals time to properly oversee the construction phase of the development.

Speak to PFS prior to your next project to see how we can assist and to discuss the benefits that professional contract management can offer your business. 

Mezzanine Funds

Mezzanine funding is a form of supplementary finance used when more traditional mortgage sources are exhausted, allowing higher loan to valuation ratios and thus higher leveraging.  Many developers utilise mezzanine funding to leverage developments which they could not otherwise complete, but it comes at a price.

As a result of the poor security offered by mezzanine finance to the lender the rates charged are significantly higher than that payable on senior debt, either first or second mortgage.  Mezzanine lenders generally secure the capital of the borrowing entity as well as any holding entities, together with the development itself.  Interest payments are generally capitalised into the loan for the term, rather than monthly cash payments and the lender may even take an equity position as part payment.

Discuss your next project and funding requirements with your PFS broker as see if mezzanine finance can benefit your project.

Development Consultancy

PFS has a broad network of professionals engaged in all fields of property development, and can assist you from the acquisition of the property, through the finance process, design and construction and eventual sale of the development.

Our highly qualified and experienced network of professional partners will ensure that your project will be delivered in the most professional and cost effective manner, maximising profitability and enhancing your development reputation.