Property & Development

Property & Development

PFS believes that all its clients should have access to the best available property, investment and financial products and advice and has formed a network of Business Partners and trusted Professional Advisers to whom we can provide our clients access.  Through this network our clients will have the opportunity to purchase investment property, development sites, land banking, NRAS investments and can participate in a range of other opportunities.

Together with our Business Partners, we can offer development and construction planning, construction management and marketing services.  Your project can be managed from inception to end sale, entirely through our network.  Included in our referral network are Commercial Lawyers, Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, Accountants, Quantity Surveyors, Marketing Agents and other professionals necessary to ensure successful construction and development results.


SMSF Investments

Since the GFC an ever increasing number of clients are choosing to manage their own superannuation funds.  Self Managed Superannuation Funds are governed by extensive legislation and myriad stringent legal requirements.  It is therefore essential to seek advice from qualified and experienced professionals.  While your Accountant or Financial Planner will provide the investment advice PFS can assist with professional expertise in the arranging of mortgages for SMSF investments.

We are able to offer loan products from a range of panel lenders.  Speak to a PFS broker today for full details.

NRAS Property Investments

The National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) is a Federal Government initiative to stimulate the affordable rental housing market.  The scheme offers investors an incentive of around $10,000 per annum, by way of refundable tax offset and qualifying property is becoming an ever more popular investment.

PFS has lenders who understand the NRAS market and offer excellent loan facilities for investors.

Construction Finance

Our understanding of the hurdles and the risks associated with development financing will allow PFS clients to maximise borrowings through flexible and innovative funding solutions.  PFS maintains excellent relationships with major bank and non-bank lenders and a variety of institutional and private lenders, ensuring the most flexible suite of loan products is available to our clients.

Complex projects require flexible solutions and PFS takes pride in its ability to provide products which suit the needs of modern developers.

Funding is available for projects ranging in size from a very small Duplex development to major residential tower developments.  The upper limit of available facilities is dictated by the strength of the project and credentials of the applicant.


Joint Venture

Many developers seek like minded investors, either corporate or individual, to invest in specific developments.  Investors provide equity or capital and share in the risks and profits of the venture in a pre-agreed manner.  Through its network, PFS is often able to introduce Joint venture partners and can assist in arranging the requisite project and development finance for the venture.

Joint Ventures are arranged across a range of projects including:

  • Land Subdivisions
  • Construction projects
  • Residential Developments
  • Technology & Manufacturing Opportunities 


Mezzanine Funds

Sometimes traditional first mortgage funding is insufficient to meet the total capital requirements of a development project.  Using mezzanine finance to fund the shortfall can provide the equity required to complete the project, avoiding expensive delays and often, provide the total development cost.  rates and terms are assessed on a case by case basis.


Private Funds

PFS has access to a variety of private lenders, offering loan products more flexible than the major banks.  Private lenders are often able to offer higher Loan to Valuation ratios, accept a wider range of serviceability options, lower pre-sales requirements and may have much more flexible approval criteria.  While interest rates charged may be marginally higher that traditional banks, faster turnaround and greater flexibility are often in favour of the developer.

Private funds often see projects proceed which could not otherwise be funded.