Residential Home Loans

Choosing a Home Loan

Whether the property you are buying is your first home, second home or multiple investment properties PFS has a loan package that’s right for you – and at great rates!

Our trained professional staff will guide you through the process and offer you products and features to suit your needs and help you achieve your goals sooner.  The team has access to some of the most competitive loan products available, from “No frills” products to “Full Featured” offerings to suit all requirements.

You may need the flexibility and features of a Professional Package or your needs may best be suited by a standard mortgage with limited extra features and low costs.  Our fully qualified and accredited brokers will assist you in your selection of the loan products which best fit your requirements, and from the lender which best fits your own preference.


Variable Rate Loans

Just as the name suggests a variable rate home loan interest rate can rise and fall in line with the movement of the “cash rate” set by the Reserve Bank and other market forces.  This type of home loan is the most popular mortgage and can be fully featured to ensure all of your needs are covered.  You may wish to include an Offset Account, Line of Credit, Credit Card or internet banking.  You may even wish to have split loan accounts or have a “Fixed Rate” for part of your loan.  Our staff will be pleased to explain all of the features available. CONTACT US. APPLY NOW.


Fixed Rate Home Loans

When circumstances require or when you simply desire certainty for a fixed period of time, from 1, 2 or even 10 years, a fixed rate loam may be the correct choice.  There are no nasty surprises during the fixed term as the rate is just that – fixed.  The rate remains the same for the entire period of the fixed term and is not subject to rise and fall provisions like variable rate loans.  You can have certainty that the mortgage commitment remains fixed for the term.

It may be appropriate to fix part of your loan and allow part to be variable rate through the use of split loan accounts.  Your own circumstances will indicate whether you might wish to consider such an arrangement.

There are also possible drawbacks to consider, such as penalty interest for early repayment should rates have fallen during the term and the possible disadvantage should variable rates fall significantly while your rate remains fixed.  Our accredited brokers will explain the advantages and disadvantages.


First Home Buyer Loans

Banks, Building Societies, Credit Unions and Non-bank lenders offer a bewildering array of Home Loan products, each with its own particular features, benefits and arrangements.  There are particular arrangements offered by many lenders, specifically for first home buyers, which will assist you to take maximum advantage of grants and stamp duty assistance available.

A simple no frill loan, with low rates, limited features and no ongoing fees, may allow you to pay off your mortgage faster or you may prefer the added features of a loan with an offset account, redraw facility or even credit card access to a line of credit.  PFS brokers have helped many first home buyers – singles and couples, navigate the myriad products and government forms required to receive your full entitlement.  For more information CONTACT US.  APPLY NOW.


 Low Documentation Loans

Some self-employed people may have difficulty establishing their earnings by way of normal tax returns due to seasonal fluctuations in their business or trade or they may not have their tax return completed.  In these circumstances some lenders will assess income from alternative documentation, such as BAS statements, bank trading statements or other appropriate evidence.

These loans generally attract a slightly higher interest rate to reflect the risk and are limited to lower loan to valuation ratios (LVR) before lenders’ mortgage insurance (LMI) applies.  Loan limits are also generally lower as is the LVR even with LMI.  We will be pleased to provide you with full details on request.  For more information CONTACT US. APPLY NOW.



Are you looking for a better home loan rate?  PFS has access to some of the best interest rates available in the country.  We can assist you to secure the best available rate in the product suite which meets your requirements.

Why pay higher rates or high fees when we can offer low rates and no monthly or ongoing fees.

To see if you can save CONTACT USAPPLY NOW


Home Renovation Loan

Depending on your circumstances you may be able to extend your existing home loan or refinance to allow you access to the existing equity in your property, so that you can complete those long dreamed of renovations or extensions. A PFS broker will discuss the best options for your particular circumstances. For more information CONTACT US. APPLY NOW.


Home Equity Loans

Many people decide to put the equity they already have in their home to work by setting up a Line of Credit facility or a Home Equity loan, allowing them access to capital for particular purposes.  A Line of Credit may be appropriate for Renovations, Investments, Business capital or other worthwhile purposes.   You may want to use the equity in your current home to purchase an investment property or assist family in their purchase.  Contact a PFS broker for full details.  CONTACT US. APPLY NOW.


Credit Impaired Loans

Circumstances sometimes occur which lead to a person having a less than perfect credit rating.  In these circumstances we may still be able to assist.  Specialist lenders on our panel offer a range of options to assist good people in hard times.  Rates will reflect the degree of impairment and the circumstances of the borrower.

Loans can often be arranged to help re-establish your credit worthiness and will then reduce to normal rates.  Refinance of existing loans may be available to pay out defaults, judgements or even bankruptcies depending on the individual circumstances.  Contact PFS now to see how we can help. For more information CONTACT US. APPLY NOW.


Non-Conforming Loans

Designed especially to help borrowers who do not meet standard lending criteria such as those who are unable to provide the required documentation in support of their loan application, or wish to borrow up to 95% of residential property value.  If your loan application doesn't fit the square, this may be the answer.  Contact us for further information.