Passion Fish Farming

  • Client: AB
  • Date: Thursday, 14 November 2013

Barramundi are known as "Passion Fish" by the original inhabitants of our land.  This project examines the financial opportunities created by the establishment of a world class aquaculture facility in Moree, NSW.

Legend has it, from the dream time, that the lovers Boodi and Yalima, in escaping spearing by their tribe for their illicit love, dived into the mangroves and became Barramundi Fish.

The objective for this project is to establish a world class, environmentally friendly, fish farming operation, utilising cutting edge sustainable practices.  Aquaculture is the way of the future and has the ability to meet industry food supply demands and relieve pressure on the natural environment caused by overfishing and environmental degradation.

Barramundi has been chosen due to its high and increasing demand, both for local consumption and export, it is a fast growing, hardy and resilient species and can be spawned at any time of year.

The first farm has been planned for Moree NSW, due to its unique advantages to capitalise on the opportunity.  These include:

  • Access to clean and suitable aquifer water
  • Available land to fulfil the Business Plan and provide for future expansion
  • Support of Council plus State and federal government concessions for establishment of rural industry
  • Ability to meet Green criteria for certified organic product
  • Access to significant employee pool
  • Access to housing, schools and social infrastructure for employees
  • Proximity to airport for export
  • Cross roads for distribution to the Eastern seaboard, encompassing 50% of Australia's population.

The farm is planned on a holistic scale, encompassing many elements, each with its own opportunities for investors.  For a detailed information booklet sophisticated investors should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 0421 565 445.